Our National Treasures Kate Torpie

ISBN: 9781590341919

Published: April 1st 2002


32 pages


Our National Treasures  by  Kate Torpie

Our National Treasures by Kate Torpie
April 1st 2002 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 32 pages | ISBN: 9781590341919 | 10.59 Mb

This is a great informational book that gives facts about different national treasured in America. This includes the statue of liberty, the white house, and plymouth rock. I thought that it was very informative and easy to follow. I like the way that it is set up because each page contains a picture of the treasure and a list of facts next to it.This would be a good read aloud during a geography or social studies class. Each treasure has a deep history that the students could study and learn why it came about or what it represents. Students would really enjoy this book and it would be a fun and helpful way for them to learn.This would be a good independent ready for a student that is interested in history or America.

They would enjoy learning about all of the treasures and it would make them want to do more research on their history.This book has many non-fiction conventions. There is a table of contents at the begging and a glossary in the back. There is also a map that shows where all of the different treasures are located around the United States. There are many photographs with captions underneath.I really like the photographs in this book. It helps to put a visual to what you are learning about.

It also helps you to realize how beautiful and unique each of these treasures truly are.

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